STainless Steel Trailers

When it comes to stainless steel trailers, finding the perfect fit for your specific needs is paramount. Polar Tank Trailer understands the wide-ranging demands across industries, which is why we offer a wide range of configurations and options tailored to your mission, whether it’s transporting chemicals, fertilizers or navigating deep-drop scenarios.

Our commitment to exceptional quality, product performance and lasting value sets us apart as the industry leader in stainless steel trailer solutions.

Food Grade Sanitary Trailers

Polar’s Food Grade Sanitary Stainless Tank Trailers prioritize freshness and safety for liquid food-grade transportation. Lightweight with multi-axle options for increased payloads. Versatile models include 3A compliant transports and units with pump packages. Enhanced R‑Value options maintain product quality during transport.

DOT CODE TRAILERS: Engineering Excellence for Chemical Transport

Polar’s DOT Code Trailers feature the industry’s widest sheet material and a proven two-piece barrel design, ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. With diverse piping, plumbing and heating options, they’re DOT-407 compliant and can meet DOT-412 standards, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for chemical transport.

Exposed Ring/Non-Code Fertilizer

Polar’s Exposed Ring/Non-code Fertilizer Trailers, available in various deep-drop models, prioritize ease of operation and maintenance, even with highly viscous products. With drops up to 30″, they utilize Polar’s proven two-piece barrel design for durability. Optional insulated deep drops enhance performance in fertilizer transport.

Engineer a Mission Proven Fleet with Polar

Polar’s commitment to excellence shines through in our stainless steel trailer solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from food-grade transportation to chemical and fertilizer distribution. With a focus on exceptional build quality, product performance and lasting value, we stand as the industry leader in stainless steel trailer solutions.

Whether you’re in need of a Food Grade Sanitary trailer for transporting perishable goods, a DOT Code trailer for chemical transport or a Fertilizer Non-Code trailer for handling highly viscous products, Polar has you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our stainless steel trailers can elevate your operations and meet your specific mission requirements.

Combined with Polar Tank Trailer’s commitment to innovation and excellence, TANK Ai sets the standard for modern fleet management solutions, ensuring safer, more efficient and more sustainable transportation operations.