Warranty Claims

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    To better help us promptly process a potential warranty claim:

    • Provide us with all the necessary information to initiate the process.
    • Provide Polar Tank with a repair estimate (in the cases where your shop is incurring expenses to correct the problem). Polar Tank will provide you with a purchase order. NOTE: Do not begin repairs prior to receiving a Warranty number from Polar Tank. In the case of purchased components (vents, valves, oil seals, etc.), always save the defective component.
    • A Material Authorization Form will be provided to you in case we need the defective components returned to us.
    • Avoid paying directly for parts or labor expenses. Pre-authorization of all expenditures is required. Polar usually has all necessary vendor components on hand or access to them, and will ship the part overnight.
    • When sending Polar Tank an invoice for the repairs, please include the trailer(s) serial number and the warranty number that we provided you. This way we can pay it promptly.

    Brief Summary of Standard Polar Warranty

    • Vendor components: (vents, valves, suspensions, etc.) For these items, we pass on the vendor’s standard warranty. Depending on the item, it may range from 1-5 year warranty period.
    • Polar manufactured Items: Standard warranty applies to these items.
    Polar Warranty Contact Information

    Phone: 320-746-2255