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Aerodynamics: improved fuel economy.

Polar uses engineering technology and aerodynamics to help CVI improve fuel economy with its Pneumatic Bulk Tankers.

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An active partnership: reduced risk, increased payload.

With Polar Tanks, Slay Transportation helps chemical producer increase payloads by 20%.

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Biodiesel: Cold weather solutions.

Polar helps Kane Transport meet the challenges of hauling biodiesel year-round.

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DEF: A unique solution.

A unique Polar spec' brings added efficiency to Altom Transport's distribution business.

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Return on investment: Highest payload. in the Market

For Tri-state Transportation, Polar Tank trailers help maximize profit and up-time.

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Value: Polar delivers reliability.

Polar quality delivers reliability and value for owner/operator Dan Bollinger.

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United Petroleum Transports – Petroleum

Indian River Transport – Food Grade: Liquid

Altom Transport Inc - Chemical

Reynolds Nationwide - Food Grade: Liquid

Andrews Logistics - Chemical

Polar Tank

Polar Tank brings together the engineering, manufacturing, and after-sales support that tank fleets expect from an industry leader. With the industry’s most advanced design and production tools, Polar builds trailers for productivity, efficiency, reliability, and safety. We build a full line of DOT-coded and non-coded tank trailers.

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Engineered Transportation International

Engineered Transportation International is a leading manufacturer of tank trailers, oilfield capital equipment and related components used in the oil & gas industry. Driven by a spirit of innovation, Engineered Transportation International is synonymous with the enduring strength of a market leader. The iconic brands within Engineered Transportation International are known the world over for product quality, performance and support every step of the way.

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