The Future of tank Trailer technology is here.

Polar Tank is taking the tank trailer industry into the future
with a suite of intelligent tank technologies now available on Polar trailers. These innovative systems enhance load security, operational efficiency and safety, putting fleet owners and operators in the driver’s seat when it comes to hauling performance.


Fleet Manager Advantages

  • Increases driver accountability and record accuracy
  • Increases safety and uptime through proactive maintenance
  • Increases efficiency by funneling data from the trailer through one device
  • Reduces paperwork and staffing needed to track trailer data
  • Maintains load security with checks and balances on loading/unloading

Driver Advantages

  • Increases safety through proactive maintenance
  • Adds security and safety with greater visibility of areas surrounding the trailer
  • Provides more accurate monitoring of load integrity
  • Enhances record accuracy

Advanced Features


Load Monitoring/Security


Maintenance Indicators

The System


The TANK Ai system is powered by Drōv. AirBoxOne is the system’s central command, facilitating the flow of key operational and safety information directly from the vehicle to the fleet manager and driver.

Cloud Communications

Alerts and real-time information on trailer status, location, etc., are transmitted via secure Cloud communications. Drivers are notified via a mobile app when system alerts are triggered.

Solar Panel Power Recharging

A backup energy source alerts drivers and fleet managers when the solar panels are actively recharging the backup battery.


Exterior & Rearview Cameras

Rearview Camera Views

Views from the rearview camera are provided through the mobile app, eliminating blind spots, assisting with parking and backing up.

Rear Vehicle Proximity

Shows rear vehicle proximity when the trailer is in operation on the road.

Ultrasonic Backup Sensors

Paired with the rearview camera, these sensors provide audible cues and visual aids when backing up and parking, increasing vehicle proximity awareness.

Curbview Camera

Provides a view of the passenger side of the vehicle to assist when changing lanes.


Automated Tire Inflation/Deflation

Individual tire PSI levels are monitored against the PSI setpoint designated by the fleet. The driver and fleet manager are notified when the PSI level differs from the setpoint, and the system automatically adjusts the level up or down as required.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS sensors monitor individual tire pressure and temperature.

Maintenance Indicators

Light Out Detection

The driver and fleet manager are alerted when a light is out on the trailer.

ABS Fault Notification

AirBoxOne integrates with multiple brake manufacturers to monitor the ABS system. The driver and fleet are notified if ABS faults occur (with codes and description) or if ABS is not getting power when connected to the tractor.

Disc Brake Pad Wear Indicator

AirBoxOne integrates with brake manufacturers to alert fleet managers when brake pads need to be replaced.

Brake Pressure Monitoring

AirBoxOne integrates with the brake air supply system to monitor parking and service line pressure for the system. Integration with advanced brake applications, such as the HDNABI® Smart Brake Chamber, monitors parking and service brake pressures at each individual wheel end.

Load Monitoring & Security

Monitors wheel end vibration and temperature.
Monitors real-time vehicle speed. temperature. Accelerometer monitors trailer movement and harsh impacts when it is air- connected or disconnected from tractor power.
Displays internal fluid chamber temperature which can assist in proving proper temperature standards were maintained during transportation.

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