About Us

At Polar Tank Trailer, we are a premier manufacturer of tank trailers for chemical, food, petro and bulk transport. Actively partnering with our customers, we make their business more efficient, competitive and profitable. We do this through our simplicity of design and mission-specific engineering. Building in this way upholds our reputation and the reputation of our customers as leaders in the industry.

Welcome to Polar Territory

Mission-specific engineering

At Polar Tank Trailer, details are everything. Derived from ever-changing real-world parameters, we deliver results through precise, exacting tolerances and design features that deliver bigger net payloads and performance in demanding operations.

Active partnership

We take an active role in fostering dynamic, collaborative relationships with our customers. Our direct approach allows us to apply our full spectrum of expertise and personal attention to achieving mutual success.

Premier quality

Polar Tank Trailer is recognized and regarded in the industry as a premier manufacturer, known for exceptional build quality, product performance and balance of details that distinguish the leader.

Leading value

By harnessing combined synergies of weight optimization, vessel integrity and aerodynamics, Polar Tank Trailer designs comprehensive solutions that are uptime-focused, straightforward, low maintenance, risk-reducing and easy to operate—providing unmatched value to the customer.

Polar Tank

Polar Tank brings together the engineering, manufacturing, and after-sales support that tank fleets expect from an industry leader. With the industry’s most advanced design and production tools, Polar builds trailers for productivity, efficiency, reliability, and safety. We build a full line of DOT-coded and non-coded tank trailers.

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Engineered Transportation International

Engineered Transportation International is a leading manufacturer of tank trailers, oilfield capital equipment and related components used in the oil & gas industry. Driven by a spirit of innovation, Engineered Transportation International is synonymous with the enduring strength of a market leader. The iconic brands within Engineered Transportation International are known the world over for product quality, performance and support every step of the way.

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