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Tank Trailers

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Food Grade

Polar manufactures food grade tank trailers that meet all industry requirements for transportation.

  • From 3A Transports to foodgrade trailers with pump packages.
  • Lightweight Transports to multiple axles for increased payloads.
  • Farm Pick-up units to customized trailers for special commodities. 
  • Options for increased R-Values to keep food colder longer.  Up to 8” thick insulation.
  • Canopy cabinets or external cabinets available. 


Food Grade Dry Bulk
  • Cleanbore interior provides superior internal cleaning
  • Round sloping interior surfaces with steep, smooth hoppers, to unload quickly and completely
  • Designed for ease of operation and simple maintenance.
  • Available in pneumatic and vacuum pneumatic designs.
  • New aerodynamic pneumatic design now available!