Custom Tank Trailers



Tank Trailers

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  • Major brands of tank trailer parts
  • Major brands of components
  • Regional and nationwide carriers
  • 33 locations nationwide

Trailer Types

Polar’s tank trailers are expertly manufactured using aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel, depending our clients’ particular needs. Polar Tank Trailer produces a wide variety of tank trailers that carry food, hot products, asphalt, petroleum, chemicals, corrosives, petroPetro-Chemical / Crude-chemicals, crude oil, and fertilizer.

Because each of our clients require different specifications when ordering their tank trailer, Polar Tank Trailers are custom engineered, to each customer’s bulk transportation needs.

Full Complement of Options

  • Many weight-saving options help maximize your payload, including:
    • aluminum subframes
    • lightweight air-rides
    • aluminum hubs
    • super single tires
    • aluminum wheels
  • Special sizes, lengths, and axle configurations are available to maximize your operation.
  • A wide variety of options for
    • piping
    • plumbing
    • venting
    • vapor recovery
    • pumping
    • heating
    • loading
  • Designed for ease of operation and simple maintenance.
  • Fall Protection Options
    • Custom Ladder & Catwalk Options available
    • Fixed hand rails with catwalk
    • Flip-down / pop-up hand rails
    • Lanyard safety cable systems
  • Custom Engineered multi-axle options to optimized payloads and weight distributions
  • Custom A & B Train Configurations available
  • Custom Cabinetry Installations
    • Enclose anything from pumps and meters to dump valves
    • Available in aluminum and stainless
    • Insulated cabinets available.
    • Canopy cabinets available in some options.