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About Polar

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  • Major brands of tank trailer parts
  • Major brands of components
  • Regional and nationwide carriers
  • 33 locations nationwide

Voice of The Customer

Polar often hears from clients in the bulk transportation industry who appreciate the quality of our tank trailers, truck tanks and customer service. Here are several testimonials from satisfied Polar customers. Also visit our Case Studies to read more from our customers.

Over a day, a week, a month, a year - my Polar trailers are going to far exceed the productivity, profitability, and return on investment my competitors’ will get from their trailers.

— Sean Davis – Tri State Transportation

I have customers who say they’ve never shipped a payload this large in one trailer. I have drivers who have been asked by customers to make sure they pull the whole vehicle onto the scale when it’s already on there. They can’t believe how much product we can haul. Our Polars make a good impression with everyone.

— Sean Davis – Tri State Transportation

I have one trailer and I wouldn’t buy anything but Polar. All you have to do is look at other stainless steel tanks running around out here to see the difference. Just like these feedlots out here, I’m watching every expense and asking whether I’m going to get my money’s worth. With Polar, I know I am.

— Dan Bollinger – Bollinger Trucking

Polar was an active partner. Their expertise and personal attention helped us develop precisely the right trailer - a big part of why we got the contract.

— Mike Jackson – Slay Transportation