Custom Tank Trailers



About Polar

As leading distributors for most major brands of tank trailer parts and components, Polar Service Centers can provide national parts and service contracts to both regional and nationwide carriers.

Case Studies

MG_7999.jpgAerodynamics: Improved Fuel Economy
Polar Uses Engineering Technology, Aerodynamics to Help CVI Improve Fuel Economy with its Pneumatic Bulk Tankers

Case study 1.jpg
An Active Partnership: Reduced Risk, Increased Payload

With Polar Tanks, Slay Transportation Helps Chemical Producer Increase Payloads by 20%

Case study 2.jpg
Biodiesel: Cold Weather Solutions
Polar Helps Kane Transport Meet the Challanges of Hauling Biodiesel Year-Round

Case study 3.jpgDEF: A Unique Solution
A Unique Polar Spec Brings Added Efficiency to Altom Transport's Distribution Business

Case study 4.jpg
ROI: Highest Payload in the Market
For Tri State Transportation, Polar Tank Trailers Help Maximize Profit, Uptime

Case study 5.jpg
Value: Polar Delivers Reliability
Polar Quality Delivers Reliability, Value for Owner-Operator Dan Bollinger