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  • Major brands of tank trailer parts
  • Major brands of components
  • Regional and nationwide carriers
  • 33 locations nationwide

Case Studies

MG_7999.jpgAerodynamics: Improved Fuel Economy
Polar Uses Engineering Technology, Aerodynamics to Help CVI Improve Fuel Economy with its Pneumatic Bulk Tankers

Case study 1.jpg
An Active Partnership: Reduced Risk, Increased Payload

With Polar Tanks, Slay Transportation Helps Chemical Producer Increase Payloads by 20%

Case study 2.jpg
Biodiesel: Cold Weather Solutions
Polar Helps Kane Transport Meet the Challanges of Hauling Biodiesel Year-Round

Case study 3.jpgDEF: A Unique Solution
A Unique Polar Spec Brings Added Efficiency to Altom Transport's Distribution Business

Case study 4.jpg
ROI: Highest Payload in the Market
For Tri State Transportation, Polar Tank Trailers Help Maximize Profit, Uptime

Case study 5.jpg
Value: Polar Delivers Reliability
Polar Quality Delivers Reliability, Value for Owner-Operator Dan Bollinger